Theater acts as medium to display talent

Ami Kuyateh, freshman

Alec Pittman

How long have you been acting?

Since third grade.


What made you first interested in acting?

There was a musical that I saw in elementary school and I became very interested. The musical was “Cinderella.”


What is your favorite aspect of acting?

You get to express your talents to everyone and can play any character you can imagine. It’s very fun.


How much time do you spend acting or practicing on a daily basis?

In the morning I practice for two hours and when I get home I practice eight hours at night.


What makes acting different than any other hobbies?

Acting is easier because anyone can do it and you’re able to present yourself to a lot of people. You don’t have to practice in a schedule as much as other sports. You practice on your own time.


ITSHave you encountered any difficulties while acting?

When I first started, it was hard to memorize the script and I would mess up, but now it’s easy.


Are there any specific techniques to keep your composure?

I am in a competition right now. I think “Ami, do you want to win?” Then I focus on that. I think only about myself and stay in character and focus on the script.


When and where is your next performance?

It’s coming up Jan. 2-7 in California and 180 agents will be watching. If I win, I can get an agent and my acting career will take off from there.


How are you preparing for your upcoming performance?

I keep practicing every day, and I do more facial expressions and body movements to prepare.


What are you most excited about for the performance?

I am very excited because this is the first time I will perform in front of all those people who are important. I am scared but excited to see what real acting is like.


What is your favorite story or experience from acting?

One of my favorite musicals is the “The Wizard of Oz.” I got to play the lion. It was very funny and people loved it. I also really like the movie.


What roles do you enjoy playing the most?

I like drama but also like to play in action and comedy.


Do you have any favorite actors? Why are they your favorite?

Leonardo DiCaprio is my favorite actor. He is very good and uses great body movement and facial expression and always stays in character.


Do you have any funny memories or experiences?

When I did a showcase here in Minnesota at the DoubleTree, there was an IPOP! agent. She said she would call us if we got it. She told me I was in on the spot and in-person, rather than calling.


Is acting what you want to do as a career?

Yes, I want to act in movies and TV shows when I grow up.


Do you have any tips for other actors?

No matter what people say, keep going. People thought I couldn’t act, but I kept trying and following my dreams. Follow your dreams and you’ll make it far.