Business creates opportunities


Josh Halper

Sophomore Brendan Lindstrom mows a lawn June 2. With a good mix of both sun and rain, Lindstrom said he has a sufficient amount of lawns to mow.

Alec Pittman

When did you first start your lawn mowing business?

Last month.

How many lawns do you mow in a season?

At least 20 a week.

What inspired you to first start your lawn mowing business?

I just want to work for myself and it sounds like fun.

Who else is involved in the business with you?

It’s mainly me right now, but during the summer I am going to have some friends help out.

How do you advertise your business or get the word out?

Originally I got 2,500 fliers and I was going to put those all out, but I didn’t get many calls. I (am now) online and (use) word of mouth.

What do you hope to accomplish in the long run for your business? How will you do that?

I hope to accomplish a well-organized business that is able to successfully service and satisfy an array of customers with varying needs. I will accomplish this through hard work and specifically expanding my customer base as well as capital owned.

What makes your business different from any other lawn mowing businesses?

I do it the right way the first time.

Do you only mow lawns or do you include other services in your business?

Basically stuff like (mowing lawns) and small landscaping projects.

How much time do you put into your business?

Almost every single day. A lot of hours.

What makes mowing lawns enjoyable for you?

Having the freedom of being able to do what I want and manage it how I want.

Where do you plan to advertise your business?

Mainly Fern Hill, but some areas in Golden Valley and other areas around SLP.

What do you look forward to in managing your own business and having the freedom of running it?

I like having the power to make the decisions that I know will make a positive impact on the way I operate, and service to my customers.

What would you say is your biggest promise or guarantee to your customers?

If they aren’t happy with my work, I will do whatever it takes to make it right or your money back.

Who has supported you throughout starting your business? How have they done that?

My girlfriend has been very helpful with my business as well as my mother who helped putting numbers into spreadsheets and organizing them.