Junior expresses herself through fashion design

Hobby allows for creativity, confidence


Grace Farley

Junior Zöe Weinman piles her clothing templates during play practice March 21. Weinman makes her own clothes and serves on the costume committee for theater.

Amaia Barajas

When did you start making your own clothes?
The summer before eighth grade, I remember taking some lessons with one of my mom’s friends and she taught me the basics.

Do you make clothes for other people or for profit?
I’ve actually started doing that a while ago, taking orders and such.

How would you describe your style?

I have to say a mix between street style and ready to wear.

Would you like to pursue this professionally?

I want to go to a fashion school like Columbia or F.I.T. and then after that, maybe I’ll come back to Minneapolis for the beginning and then move to a bigger city.

What would your dream collection of clothes look like?
I would love to have a collection were casual and dressy things are put together. I would also definitely want to design things that could work for anyone, regardless of their body type.

Does making your own clothes help with your self confidence?

It does, it’s something that I’m good at and people compliment me a lot for.

What has influenced your designing?
I don’t have a specific thing, I just base it off of what I wear on a daily basis.

Why do you like to design your own clothes?

I was always interested in fashion and I was like “what if I could make my own clothes?” Also just with my size and everything it was always hard to find clothes that fit me, so I figured if I could learn how to sew I could fix that problem.

Do you have a studio? Where?

Not really, I pretty much just make things at my dad’s house, but I’d love to have a studio someday.

On average, how much does it cost to make an item?

It really depends on the product, t-shirts usually costs about $30. It does add up when I make something like a jacket.

Can Park students purchase your clothes?

Absolutely, as long as they are able to contact me, have me meet with them and take their measurements. Also if they can pay for what I make for them.