Sophomore works on Sports-Check It Out

Osman runs a business where customers are able to check out sports equipment, similar to a library


Neb Bekele

Sophomore Hamsa Osman posts on one of the social media platforms of his business, Sports-Check it out. He created the social media aspect of marketing for Sports-Check it out.

Noah Orloff

How did you start your business and what were your inspirations?

My inspirations (came from) seeing only in the Somali community there were three sports we played, basketball, football and soccer and I wanted to bring more variety to the community. They started out with a program called AdVenture Capital(AdCap) like a program where kids from different schools come to compete for money to fund a business or a change in your school.

How did you come up with this idea?

We each had a few different ideas and we took parts from each idea and put it together.

What are you currently doing related to Sports-Check It Out?

Finding a new place. We’re not sure yet (where it will be). We’re trying to find a space that we can actually use and someplace that’s accessible to the kids.

When you have a new building, how can Park students benefit from Sports-Check It Out?

They can get a card and check-out some sports equipment.

What are your future goals?

Having it nationwide. Bringing it to a bunch of kids.

What have been some of your favorite experiences so far working with Sports-Check ItOut?

I think some of my favorites would be teaching people how to play ladder ball, playing some new sports that I’ve never heard of before.

Could you describe the experience of attending Super Bowl 51?

It (was through) the tournament that we were in, the competition AdCap. If you worked on your business and got a lot of votes and lots of people supported it, then they would give you a prize and (the opportunity to) go to the Super Bowl.