Sophomore goes bald to raise awareness of childhood cancer 

Shaving head supports friend of many years


Harris Keekley

Sophomore Jacy Demcisak shaves her head to support childhood cancer research. Demcisak has shaved her head every year for the last four years.

Harris Keekley

Why do you shave your head?

I shave my head because my brother’s best friend, who was also really close to me, passed away from childhood cancer. His mother and his family still do it and my brother and I still do it in honor of Adrian and his memory. We go bald by choice so that hopefully no kid has to be bald by necessity.

What is the main reason you shave your head?

To raise money to hopefully get more research on childhood cancer and how to cure it.

Are your friends supportive of you shaving your head?

Yeah, there’s not really been any problem and when people understand the reason for childhood cancer research, they usually do not get mad at that.

How many years have you been shaving your head?

I started in sixth grade and as far as I know, this is my fourth year.

Do people shave their head at this time with you?

Yes, it’s an event called St. Baldricks, and it’s an international organization that started in Ireland.

What is your favourite memory of the event?

Years ago before I started shaving, my brother started shaving with Adrian before he passed away. There was one moment where Adrian shaved my brother’s head and he shaved Adrian’s head and that’s one of the best moments. I could see them being best friends and that’s one of the things that I remember when I think about shaving.

Why does this mean so much to you?

Adrian was a really good kid and he was a really close friend. When he passed away it was really heartbreaking, it was one of my first moments of grief. The idea that this is happening to lots of families all around the world is so sad. I don’t understand why we can’t solve this quicker and again, getting research toward it is the most important thing.