Senior finishes first draft of novel

Zoe Frank’s book focuses on an underground organ trade


Used with permission of Zoe Frank.

Lauren Thon

What inspired you to write your novel?

I have always really liked writing and for as long as I can remember, I have always written story after story. This idea was really inspired by a couple songs that I was listening to and I had this character in development. I was on a bike ride one day when I pieced the character together and the idea for this plot occurred to me. Usually when I have an idea for something, I’m writing it in broken little pieces. (For) this one, I had an idea for a plot start-to-finish in a vague sense. 

What is it about?

It is set in the future and It is about a very heavily divided society with very extreme class divides. I took a creepy route with it and it’s about illegal underground organ trade.

Tell me a little bit about the process?

When I started writing this, I made a point to write at least two thousand words a day. So no matter what the day entailed, I would make sure to get some time on this Google doc and get words down. The process I took with this one that is different from things that I have written in the past is that I wanted to just get as many words down so that I would have an excess of material to work with instead of holding back and worrying about what it sounded like, I’m saving all of that editing for the second draft.

What was the biggest challenge for you in the writing process?

The biggest challenge was online school. I had a really great flow going over the summer, and once online school started, that slowed down exponentially. That’s why it took as long as it did to finish it. Especially with looking at screens all day everyday, it was much less appealing to get on a computer and work on it. 

How does it feel having the first draft completed?

It feels so good. I’ve written things before and made drafts before, but I have never followed through and finished with them. To have this entire draft finished and have it be as long as it is in its completion, it feels very fulfilling.