The vivid details behind each page

Amira Warren-Yearby

Before publishing there’s a writer whose stories were once ideas. At St. Louis Park Senior High is Katherine Duerksen with a passion for writing.

“I like writing because I like languages in general,” Duerksen said.

Duerksen has liked writing a lot and also enjoys reading authors such as Neil Gaiman who wrote Coraline and Brian Jacques the writer of a fantasy series she read as a kid about animals.

Duerksens’ initial interest in writing as been a hobby developed overtime but jump-started after entering in the Young Author Convention in her fourth grade year.

“That was the first time I knew I really wanted to go into writing,” said Duerksen.

Others took interest in her as well as her sixth grade teacher who is very supportive writing career.

When it comes to books fantasy dramas are what interests Duerksen the most. If not reading or writing Duerksen participates for the high school’s Orchestra, hangs out with friends as part of other many hobbies.

Duerksen would like others to know her dispositional shyness is only situational.

“I’m not as shy as I seem and not that quiet,” she said. “I’m a lot more fun than people see.”

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