He who fumbles must be humble

Tables turn as Two Rivers flattens football 20-15

Anya Panday, Alicia Mainjeni, and Sarah Peterson

With a swift turn-around, Two Rivers quickly stole the win from the Orioles with less than two minutes on the clock.

After their 15-14 lead for the larger part of the game, The Orioles retreated after an unexpected 20-15 loss against Two Rivers Sept. 16. The game was dedicated to supporting breast cancer research, going along with Park’s annual “tackle breast cancer” pink-out dress code. 

Despite the loss, sophomore nose tackle Antonio Brayboy said there were positive and negative aspects to how the game played out. 

“We definitely could’ve done better in the first half,” Brayboy said. “Our defense was strong in the second half, but we lacked in the beginning. With offense, a lot of things went wrong.”

According to coach Alexander Polk, the game had strong highlights despite the ending.

“A highlight of the game was definitely Stefano Giovanelli,” Polk said. “His 75-yard touchdown was incredibly impressive.”

Sophomore wide receiver Jeremy Eichten shared similar sentiments about Giovanelli.

“The player I’d shout out would have to be Stefano,” Eichten said. “His work ethic is second to none, and the things he can do on (the) field are incredible.”

Brayboy said he found many highlights playing against Two Rivers as well.

“The Two Rivers center, #55, was a great guy, no animosity there,” Brayboy said. “Honestly, it was a fun game, and I’m glad I got to play against them.”

It’s about a strong mindset and being mentally ready to win, which we weren’t today.

— Jeremy Eichten

Though the team lost, Eichten said he felt that the team still shone in the defensive area.

“Our defense has been strong all year,” Eichten said. “Our team was the strongest defensively — they’ve been able to do some solid work (this year).”

Brayboy said he also felt defense was performing stronger this year.

“Our defense is becoming a lot stronger. We all have a great connection,” Brayboy said. “We’re great friends, and it shows on the field. As a D-line man, my job is to plug gaps, and I was there to do my job most times.”

Polk also shared an emphasis on the connection between players, and said staying united is integral.

“To improve, we need to come out with a new fire,” Polk said. “We need to stay together as a team, especially in practice. We need to practice exactly how we’ll play on the field.”

Regarding being prepared, Eichten said that a secure mental outlook on winning plays a significant role in being ready for a game.

“Prepping for the game is mostly mental,” Eichten said. “We all know we have the physical capabilities to win. It’s about a strong mindset and being mentally ready to win, which we weren’t today.”

Football’s next game is 12:00 p.m. Sept. 24 at Benilde St. Margaret.