Girls’ soccer suffers tough loss

Team defeated by Benilde 3-1


Humna Belete

Senior Aliviah McClinton fights for the ball in the game against BSM. Due to the game the soccer teams record is now 5-3-2.

Sam Swisher and Tenzin Gyaldatsang

According to sophomore and goalie Sophia Romero, a lack of focus contributed to the team’s shortfall in its Sept. 24 game.

“I think especially in today’s game we had a slight lack of focus and we needed to lay the ball off a lot faster,” Romero said.

Coach Benjamin Kent said the team hasn’t faced a challenging opponent this good since the beginning of the season.

“I thought (the team) worked really hard, the effort was great. I think (the team) hasn’t played an opponent like this since closer to the start of the season,” Kent said. 

Junior Alanna Franklin said the team was played more defense than offense

“I think we fought really hard. We were defending a lot but we got some really good offensive plays,” Franklin said. 

Kent said the team struggled with dribbling and giving up interceptions.

“I think collecting and dribbling the ball, seeing the space and releasing it more quickly was offensively probably are greatest challenge,” Kent said.

Romero said the team was more itself and improved in the second half

“Coming out (in the) second half we definitely fought harder and tried to continue our game the way we know how to play,” Romero said.

The Orioles return to the field as they honor their seniors, and take on Minneapolis Southwest 5 p.m. Sept. 26, at the Oriole Stadium