Loss on senior night

Park defeated in straight sets


Jamar Hester Jr.

Junior Addison Chenvert awaits a serve from Jefferson Oct. 12. Park lost all three sets on senior night.

Jamar Hester Jr. and Jacob Martenson

Girls’ volleyball team lost in straight sets Oct. 12 against Jefferson. Head coach Sam Hanlon said even though they lost, each set was fought long and hard. It was a heartbreaking loss for Park because it was a lot of the players last home game of their volleyball career. 

Hanlon said she thought the biggest problem in their loss was intimidation and the lack of communication.

“I’m feeling confident we have a pretty good section going in so I have confidence that we can go on and beat some of those teams and really make some waves,” Hanlon said.

Junior Addison Chenvert said she could have stayed out of her head and been more aggressive.

“I’m a little nervous but I think we have the potential to make it all the way to state. It will take a lot of work and everything and a lot of games to win but I’m excited,” Chenvert said.

Sophomore Clara Bagne said despite the loss, she was happy to honor the team’s seniors. 

“Tonight was a really special game because it was senior night. And although we didn’t win, we didn’t play terribly. I thought we played pretty well.,” Bagne said.

Bagne said that the team could have found more strategies to avoid making mistakes. 

“There were a lot of silly mistakes that we could have fixed. I also think that if we would have stayed aggressive later in the game we would have played better,” Bagne said.

Chenvert said it was an emotional loss, but the team attitude will help them in the future.

“It’s disappointing. That’s not how we wanted it to go  especially with it being the seniors last home game. We definitely did have a lot of good plays and the energy was high for a lot of it and I think the energy will help us improve in practice, Chenvert said.

Park’s next game is still to be determined.