Meet the Athlete: Ronan Guevara

Guevara is picking up the pace this season

Leo Justesen

What are you most excited for this track season?

I’m excited to run on the track again and meet my new teammates since I’m coming here from my old school. I’m looking forward to hopefully running a new PR and maybe going to state. I’m feeling pretty confident I can do that.

How are you going to prepare for this upcoming season?

The biggest thing I’ve been doing is I’ve been going to the weight room a lot. I know that for a lot of high school and college track athletes the weight room was what separates a normal person in track from a state champion. That’s where all your hard work actually comes out of. That’s the biggest part of getting faster.

Do you have any goals for this track and field season at St. Louis Park?

A sub-11 and qualifying for the state meet, Hamline elite. Also making all-conference.

What was your experience on the Edina track like?

It was pretty good. I made a lot of friends there. Since I was new, that was where I made the most friends, was the track team. I felt very included there.

Do you think there’s going to be any obstacles switching from Edina to St. Louis Park?

The nice thing about track is it’s a very independent sport. There won’t be that many obstacles since I just have to worry about myself.

You placed third, in the 4×100 meters against Lake Conference and eighth in the 100 meters against Hopkins. Do you think you can keep up that production this season?

I think so. Back then, I was a freshman running against seniors. Now, I’m a junior, so I’m a lot older. I’ve grown a lot more — height, weight and muscle-wise. Without a doubt, I’m gonna be a much different sprinter than freshman me.

What motivates you to run on track?

I’d say one of the biggest motivations is that I really want to leave the state for college and go somewhere warm. I also want to make my family proud. My dad came here for sports. Also my mom’s side was really engaged in sports, so I just feel like that’s an expectation I put on myself: that I need to also do well in sports. Also not just sports, but everything else I do in life. That’s what mainly motivates my competitiveness, is that I need to be competitive in order to accomplish my goals.