Park loses battle to Washburn

Team defeated 1-0


Ari Lissauer

Junior Captain Vesna Dennison battles with a Washburn defender in pursuit for the ball Oct.8. Vesna leads the team in goals in the regular season.

Jamar Hester Jr. and Jacob Martenson

Park’s girls soccer team lost 1-0 to Washburn on Oct. 8. It was a tough game, as the team’s played back and forth the whole match. Head coach Anne Beaton said despite losing the game, she feels good going into sections.

“I feel hopeful heading into sections that we’re starting to put some of the last pieces together of what we’ve been working on,” Beaton said. “I think we’re doing a better job of connecting with each other. I’m excited ready to upset some people.”

Sophomore Maisie Carlson talked about sections and said she is feeling great about the improvements the team made in the game.

“I feel like our team has improved especially at the end of the season,” Carlson said. “The effort (was good) and we played aggressively. We finished the game off and didn’t let a second goal in.”

Sophomore Sophia Dvorak said the loss was unlucky, but she was proud of their performance. 

“We played (well), it’s just unfortunate,” Dvorak said. “We’ve done a lot better than the start of the season.”

Carlson said she thought the slow pace and lack of shots on goal contributed to the loss.

“I think not having many scoring opportunities and the movement in the forward half of the field and not on our side wasn’t good,” Carlson said. 

Beaton said the team is preparing to show their talent and what they’ve been doing in practice later during sections.

“We have been working on keeping the ball (and our) possession,” Beaton said. “We’ve been working on winning the ball in the air, and we’ve been working on defending as a team.”

Parks next game is section quarters at 4:30 p.m. on Oct. 13 at Hopkins High School.