Meet the athlete: Abby Melbye

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Meet the athlete: Abby Melbye

Jackson Eilers

Abby Melbye


How long have you been dancing?

I did some dancing at PSI from second to sixth grade and some other dance classes here and there, but I’ve been dancing with the Minneapolis Performing Arts Center since January.

What do you do during a regular practice?

We start with stretching and then we learn some ballet moves and techniques. Sometimes we do ballet technique with classical music, but other times she puts the ballet technique to modern music. The classes are once a week and are usually an hour and a half.

Why did you start dancing?

I really enjoy it, and it’s a good form of exercise. I do it for fun and it’s a good way to pass the time and meet people you wouldn’t find at school.

Where did you hear about the dance company?

I drove by it with my mom one day and we decided to check it out. We went in and signed up for lessons that day.

Do you plan on dancing after high school?

No not really, not any classes. I might continue to dance for fun but not with a company.

Do you perform what you learned anywhere?

The dance instructor just started the company last fall so we don’t know if we will perform anywhere yet.

How many other people dance with you?

It is a pretty small class. Me and one other student from Park do it.

How do you wish to improve your dancing?

I will practice more dancing at home and get as much as I can from each lesson. Also telling myself that I can improve will help me with this.

What are your goals for the future?

I’d like to really improve and push myself as far as I can as a dancer. It would also be cool if we could give some performances of what we have learned.

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