Meet the athlete: Brody Illstrup

Brigid Duffy

Brody Illstrup


How long have you played lacrosse?

I started playing in the third grade. This upcoming year will be my eighth year playing.

Why did you start playing?

My brother started playing when he was a sophomore in high school, which got me interested in the sport.

What position do you play?

I play attack. My job is to produce points and play in the opposite end.

How do you feel about the change from lacrosse as a club sport to a varsity sport?

I think that it is a really good change to be in the high school league. It will be a good challenge for the team but will push us to work hard and have fun.

Do you play outside of school? If so, for who?

I shoot and pass with friends outside of school, but I also play on the Minnesota Loons Selects. This will be my second year on the team.

Do you have plans to play lacrosse after high school?

Yes, my dream is to play D1 lacrosse at Denver University.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

I always make sure to get to games early and warm up my stick by passing and shooting. I listen to music and watch the JV game beforehand, and I like to picture the upcoming game ahead of me.

What inspires you to play?

I want to be as good or even better than my brother. He was drafted for the Minnesota Swarm. Seeing his accomplishments is a good motivator for me.

What’s your favorite part about lacrosse?

My favorite part is practice. It’s fun to be with the team and I have always had great coaches that make lacrosse fun for me.

Do you think being a multi-sport athlete helps you train for lacrosse?

Yes, definitely. Conditioning is huge and playing multiple sports helps a lot to train for lacrosse.

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