Meet the Athlete: Selam Maher

Oliver Smith

How has the switch been from Hopkins to SLP?

It’s been good. In the beginning it was hard to make friends but overall it’s been nice getting to know the coaches and everyone on the team.


How did it feel to hit 1000 points?

It was a big relief. It’s been stressful over the past couple seasons but it was nice to do it at home in SLP.


How did you hit the 1000 point?

I made a floater.


What does it mean to hit that milestone?

It means a lot. I tore my ACL and had injuries my sophomore year so coming back after that was hard but hitting 1000 points shows that I got through it.

Who has helped you most throughout your journey?

Definitely my parents and coaches. Also my teammates from all of my teams.


What has been your biggest challenge in your career?

I’d say injuries. Going through rehab through COVID and not being able to see anyone was stressful.