Meet the Athlete: Hanna Wilsey


Maren Wilsey

Sophomore Hanna Wilsey skis along at the Sections meet Feb. 10. Wilsey placed fourth at the meet.

Johanna Kaplan

Why did you start skiing?

I lived in Duluth in preschool and the beginning of elementary school. Everybody there cross-country skied, so my parents put us in lessons when we were little… When I was in seventh grade my mom suggested I join a team, just to do something in the winter, and then I ended up really liking it. 

What is your favorite part about skiing?

I really like how it feels to go fast. It’s just so smooth — and I know it sounds really cliche — but I feel like I’m flying when I’m skiing. 

Where is the most scenically beautiful place you’ve skied?

This Thanksgiving, I went on a ski training trip to West Yellowstone and it was absolutely gorgeous there. I loved it.

Do you have a favorite memory from this season?

For team bonding, we went and played hockey a couple (of) weeks ago. It’s just fun to be with everybody outside of the ski environment because that’s where we’re together every day doing that. It was very stress-free and everyone was having fun. 

How do you limit nerves before racing? 

It really helps me to have a routine the night before (a race). I’ll pack all my stuff up. If it’s a full day of racing, I’ll get my food ready, make sure I go to bed on time. Just having a schedule helps me go through the motions without ever being in that — ‘Oh, what am I supposed to be doing now?’ — kind of state.

Is there a professional skier who inspires you most?

Jessie Diggins is in the Olympics right now, and it’s so inspiring to watch her as she’s winning all those gold medals. It’s especially cool because in the summer when I train, I’ve run into her a couple of times, which is really cool. 

 What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from skiing?

There’s a lot but probably the main one is: if you put in the work, then you’ll have success, or (in other words) the harder you work, the more your training will pay off in the future.