Meet the Athlete: Adam Rosvold

Jana Faust

What got you into skiing and how long have you been doing it?

I’ve been skiing since I was three years old. My dad put some boots on my feet and some skis under the boots and put me on a hill and had me go down it.


Why did you decide to join the alpine ski racing team?

I was racing prior and I was not able to find another team to join and I really liked skiing and I wanted to find more opportunities to do it.


How are you liking being on a newly established team?

It’s kind of cool being the only guy, I feel very independent. It’s okay though because I do have a lot of fun with everybody else and it’s a very fun environment to be in.There’s a lot of very nice people on the team. They’re really fun and supportive and it’s nice to have two different schools mixed together and working together as a team.


What is your favorite Alpine moment?

I like messing around with friends, hanging out and just kind of making fun of each other when we fall. I like those kinds of moments where you kind of laugh at each other.


How has being on this team impacted other aspects of your life?

It makes me a lot more busy but in a good way. I’m able to go skiing almost every single day of the week. To race and have a competition almost once a week and being able to ski with friends is really great and I enjoy it. I like encouraging people to do better when they’re not sure about how hard they can work and try to get them to be better. 


What motivates you on the hill?

I want to get faster, and get better placements at races because I want to be a lot better and get a lot faster to be able to say I improved. 


What are you looking forward to for the rest of the season?

Improving my times and getting better placement in races.