Meet the Athlete: Henry Berg


Roberto Alvarez

How do you feel making it to State?

It’s really special because we’re a pretty young team and to be able to get three relays and three individual events at state as a team is really special. All the hard work this group put in this season to make it to this point is really amazing, so I feel really happy and just trying to enjoy these moments.

What was one goal you individually achieved for state?

For me, it was breaking five minutes in the 500. That’s been my goal for a while and I’m glad I could finally complete it. Also being able to participate in state with my team is something that I’m really looking forward to and is probably the goal I wasn’t expecting to get.

What obstacles did you have to overcome as a team to make it to state? 

We had a couple of illnesses, especially during the winter. There were a bunch of people who were sick so we were never at full strength for every single meet. Being able to overcome those issues that wouldn’t really help us in these races and would affect how we would do was hard. But in the end we all came together.

What has your experience been swimming for Park? 

They’ve been really good. We have a strong team culture here. If somebody had a bad race or a bad practice, we were always there to pick them up. Not many (schools)  have that kind of culture like we do. It’s just really positive and I’m glad I could be a part of it too.

How do you think your swimming has progressed over the years swimming for the team?  

As a swimmer I’ve progressed a lot because of the rigorous training that we’ve had to do, but also I’ve progressed as a person. Just from spending time with the team and being a better team member, that’s something that I have learned from St. Louis Park.

What was your favorite memory of the season? 

I would probably say sections because it’s towards the end of the season and the whole team was together. It’s the culmination of the whole season being put together and just being able to be a part of a great group of other swimmers and just all the fun it’s been throughout this season was great.