Gymnastics gains more practice for upcoming meet

Winter break helps the team improve on skill and technique

Emily Tifft

As the gymnasts split into groups, some go to the bar, others to beam and the rest practice their routines in preparation for their next meet Jan. 16.

Assistant coach Jenna Lehr said their upcoming meet is different than previous meets because it doesn’t have as many teams competing.

“A lot of our meets so far have been invites, so this is one of our first couple dual meets,” Lehr said. “Invites have more than two teams and this one doesn’t, and we have girls competing with new skills.”

Lehr said their season is coming to an end soon after their next meet which helps the girls compete at a higher level.

“It will be senior night, so a lot of people like to come, which puts a lot of pressure on the girls, but I think its good for them to rise to the pressure.”

Lehr said because of the tension, a couple gymnasts are able to perform at a higher level.

“Audrey Scalici and Talia Simonett will stand out at the meet because they can rise with pressure instead of crumble under it,” Lehr said.

Sophomore Talia Simonett said in terms of rivalry, their competitor St. Anthony Village, is about even in skill level.

“They are definitely a good competitor. They have a few girls on their team that have a higher skill level than us but we can definitely put up a good fight.”

Simonett said since the upcoming meet is at home, the team will hopefully perform better.

“At home meets, the gymnasts are more comfortable, because it is our equipment that we have been training on all year,” Simonett said. “But we are more excited at away meets because it is a new environment.”

Lehr said she anticipates a rise in the teams final score due to their previous meet improvement records.

“From our first meet to our second meet, we went from a 113 score to a 119 score, which is a lot on gymnastics,” Lehr said.

The meet is at 6 p.m. Jan. 16  home at the Central Community Center against St. Anthony Village.