Nordic prepares for upcoming meet

Training and positive attitudes for their next meet


Amaia Barajas

The first meet of the season was last week and according to senior captain Jackson Sokolowski the team is prepared and ready for Mondays meet.

Sokolowski said he has faith in the performance of the Nordic team at the upcoming meet.

“I think we’re really prepared, a lot of people improved over winter break. I think we’ll surprise ourselves,” Sokolowski said.

According to head coach Doug Peterson, this season has been a regular season, despite all the previous cancellations.

“We’ve had what seems to be a normal year, we’re just doing what we’re normally doing and that’s roller skiing, running and now we’ve been skiing,” Peterson said. “We also have to be aware of conditions, there’s a lot of dangerous situations that could occur, so really that’s why we have so many cancellations.”

Even with the cancellations, Sokolowski said he thinks the team is prepared for the meets to come, by working on their form and training.

“I definitely think it’s good to have a few races before the championship races, but I still we’re preparing pretty well, better than most teams,” Sokolowski said.

According to sophomore Emmett Foner, the season started of well with different training styles to get ready for their meet.

“Well we started the season with dry land and know that there’s snow we’ve been getting out to Theodore Wirth and Highland and we’ve been doing harder workouts,” Foner said.

According to Foner, Bloomington and Park compete at similar level, so he does not expect a large difference from Monday’s meet.

“I expect us to get 2nd again because Bloomington has (good) skiers and they only beat us a couple points this last meet,” Foner said.

Next meet is Monday Jan. 9 at Elm Creek Park against Benilde – St. Margaret`s, Chaska-Chan, Richfield, Robbinsdale Cooper vs. Bl Jefferson.