Boys’ basketball prepares for tryouts

Five new coaches introduced at interest meeting


Hanna Schechter

Head coach David Breitenbucher hands out requirements at the boys basketball meeting Nov 2. Tryouts will begin at 3:30 Nov 20.

Yonit Krebs

Junior basketball player Anthony Rayson said in addition to introducing the new boys’ basketball coaching staff, the team prepared for the intensity of the basketball season at the interest meeting Nov. 2.

“The whole coaching staff is gone besides the varsity head coach,” Rayson said. “We were talking about (the new coaches) and about how some people might not be ready for the basketball mind because it’s a four-month season and it’s long and hard and grueling.”

Varsity head coach David Breitenbucher said at the information meeting he covered eligibility requirements for the team.

“The discussion was about tryouts and making sure everybody had their registration in so they could try out,” Breitenbucher said. “Unless players are up on their credits, they’re not even eligible. (I encouraged) people to go to the athletic office and check (their credits) to see if they’re eligible.”

According to Rayson, everyone who wants to be on the team must try out each year. He said the coaches look for a focused mindset along with basketball skills.

“I think (the coaches) are looking for the players who are disciplined and can listen to what coaches are saying,” Rayson said. “(The coaches look for) the ones that put forth their best effort every time they step on the court.”

Breitenbucher said by running players through different drills, the coaches usually have an idea of who will make the team by the end of tryouts week.

“There’s a bunch of drills that we go through, putting them in situations where they’re playing two-on-two, three-on-three, four-on-four, five-on-five,” Breitenbucher said. “After doing this for a few years, it’s becomes pretty clear in the first few minutes of the game who the best players are. As long as you’re a good basketball player and you’re doing the right thing, up on your credits, there’s a good chance you will be able to make (the team).”

According to Breitenbucher, all players must try out, but for varsity players or those who have been on the team before, tryouts are treated similarly to practice.

“Tryouts and practice are kind of the same thing. We have the varsity tryouts, but it’s also a practice too,” Breitenbucher said. “So the guys that have been on the team in the past, and they will make the team again, most likely, they’re also doing drills and stuff just to make sure they are in shape and they’re ready for the season.”

Rayson said during the two days of tryouts, the team works on conditioning and drills that simulate situations in real games.

“The past few tryouts that we’ve done we mostly did conditioning, and we did situational stuff like three-on-three and one-on-one,” Rayson said.

According to, the team has a scrimmage Nov. 25 at Eden Prairie and their first game is at home Dec. 2 against St. Cloud Apollo.

Players must turn in registration forms by Nov. 17 in order to participate in tryouts beginning Nov. 20.