Gymnastics provides welcoming atmosphere at captains’ practice

Park prepares for upcoming season


Ryan Barnett

Juniors Josie Briant and Raina Kronfeld and sophomore Ryan Rasmussen perform a dance in front of the gymnastics team Nov. 4 at captains' practice. The gymnastics team's first meet is Dec. 7.

Talia Lissauer

Preparing for her fifth year in high school gymnastics, junior Marissa Boettcher said it is necessary to practice amongst new and old gymnasts to create a supportive team.

“I think it’s important to bring returning teammates and newer teammates together so there’s no division,” Boettcher said. “It’s important, especially in gymnastics, to all be together because during the season we have to support each other a lot. We’re going to be together all the time.”

Looking for a way to change up her winter schedule, junior Maia Seidel said she joined gymnastics. 

“Winter can get really mundane if you’re just going home and doing the same thing every day,” Seidel said. “If you decide to join gymnastics, you’ll have a new and exciting experience every day after school that will leave you feeling energetic and happy when you go home.”

According to junior captain Maddie Olson, captains’ practice is a time to bring the whole team together to prepare for the season.

“It’s more for the new girls who are joining the team so they can get a feel of the team dynamic and culture,” Olson said. “It’s also to get excited about the upcoming season.”

Boettcher said she is looking to have a successful season during both meets and team bonding. 

“My goal for the team is to have a really good season score-wise and relationship-wise,” Boettcher said. “I think it’s going to be a good year. We have a lot of fun, energetic people on the team.”

According to Seidel, she wants to restore and advance the skills she already has.

“My personal goal is to learn as much as I can this season because it’s my first year on the team, and try to master old skills that I used to be able to do,” Seidel said. “My goal for the team is that we all can get along and have a productive season, but also a memorable season by making long-lasting friendships.”

Olson said the team has completed a wide variety of activities at captains’ practice.

“(In captains’ practice) we have been playing team games. We did gymnastics style conditioning minus the gymnastics, we made tik toks, did dance battles and we are making hair ties for competition,” Olson said. “I really like to meet new people and get them excited to join the team.”

Boettcher said the environment is special and they welcome all skill levels to join as long as they are looking to have fun.

“It’s honestly such a social sport (where) you’re in it for the team, not necessarily the gymnastics portion. If you are really serious about gymnastics, still join, it’s a fun experience and you get to improve and grow as a gymnast,” Boettcher said. “I think if you’re just looking for something to do, some fun people to hang out with, join gymnastics.”

The first practice will take place 4:30-6:30 p.m. Nov. 12 at the Central Community Center.