Nordic begins strength and conditioning

Training improves health, team


Carissa Prestholdt

Junior Josh Krueger and senior Maggie Klein lift weights at strength training Dec. 4. Nordic has morning lifting with strength coach Jessica Gust Monday and Wednesday mornings from 7–7:30 a.m.

Sofie Geretz

According to senior and Nordic captain David Klein, strength and conditioning is pivotal to the quality of a season.

“We started doing the strength training program because Nordic is a very, very intense physical sport,” Klein said. “If you’re not working the right muscles and you’re not working in the right form, you’re going to either get a sustained injury or you’re going to just have a generally bad season.”

Head strength and conditioning coach Jessica Gust said the volunteers who come in to train are hoping to improve in their subsequent races.

“It’s a select group of kids that are coming voluntarily in the mornings. I’ll be interested to see how their times improve compared to previous years,” Gust said. “They should end up feeling stronger in the hard parts of their races, like hills and sprints, where we would hope to see them be better because of the extra work they’ve done.”

Klein said the added strength and conditioning will hopefully bring about improvements in races.

“As the weight training continues, you’ll start to see gradual improvements that’s going to come about from doing these weight trainings every week,” Klein said.

According to junior Benn Katzovitz, the extra training implemented this year will improve the athletes’ overall health.

“Last year, we didn’t really have any of that training. So this year, I feel like we’re going to be better physically,” Katzovitz said. “Our health (will) improve now that we’re actually working on our muscles more.”

Gust said the exercises are starting out simple for those who have never trained before, but will still be focused on training that is helpful for skiing.

“We have a few things catered specifically toward Nordic, so more focused on upper body, balance, stability,” Gust said. “Most of (the team) is brand new to the weight room, just learning the basics, like how to do a squat and how to do a lunge. Once we get further into the season, we’ll be able to adjust more specific things.”

According to Klein, strength and conditioning has fits well to the team and athletes’ strengths and weaknesses.

“Ms. Gust has done a great job at tailoring the workouts around our meets, as well as around specific things to help skiers out,” Klein said. “Overall I think it’s been really positive for the team.”

Junior Ivy Houts said the added early mornings of strength and conditioning will unite the team.

“It’s going to bring a better sense of community because all the people that are really hard workers are going to be here early in the morning,” Houts said. “Those people are going to get closer and we’re also going to get better as a team.”