Aquafins performance recognizes seniors

Team looks forward to associations


Carissa Prestholdt

Seniors Ella Hammerstrand and Mia Miller perform a pop-up during Aquafins show Feb. 8. The annual Minnesota Aquafins show consisted of 17 performances from all age groups.

Grace Schultz

Reflecting on her favorite part of the team, senior Annie Breyak said Aquafins has connected her with people she admires.

 “All of the people and friends I’ve made and all of my coaches are such good role models, so it’s really nice having them in my life,” Breyak said.

Aquafins, St. Louis Park’s club synchronized swimming team, recognized seniors at its performance Feb. 8. This event allowed the team to prepare for upcoming competitions.

Coach Rose Evensen said the performance was successful and she was proud of the energy the swimmers had. 

“I feel like we all had a really good swim. It’s our first opportunity to swim with our fancy suits and our headpieces and makeup and everything,” Evensen said. “I’m really proud of how everyone swam today, there was a lot of energy and a great performance.”

Breyak said despite the team being nervous, it put on a good performance.

“It was our first time swimming in front of an audience. So everyone was a little nervous, but I think we pulled it off pretty well,” Breyak said.

Freshman at the University of Minnesota and Aquafins alumni Lily Kulevsky came to the event because she wanted to support her former teammates and friends. Kulevsky said she enjoyed watching her former teammates perform. 

“I could tell that everyone was really enjoying themselves in the pool, which is always a good thing to see. It adds a lot to their performance,” Kulevsky said. 

Breyak feels that her last annual show was bittersweet, as she only has two meets remaining. 

“It’s sad because I’ve been doing it for so many years. We still have two more meets left so I still get to practice and so with them,” Breyak said. 

According to Evensen, the meet was a great opportunity for the younger girls to get a feel for competitions.

“We know what happens now, especially with the younger girls that kind of get the hang of how it goes to perform in front of people,” Evensen said. “So then they’re ready when they have to be in front of judges.”

According to Breyak, the next Aquafins meet will take place on Feb. 20 and Feb. 21 at Wayzata High School.