‘Wicked’ to return to Orpheum

Popular production anticipates large audience

Nicole Sanford

As a new spring season nears, the Orpheum Theatre awaits the return of the widely sensational Broadway show, “Wicked,” according to president of Historic Theatre Group at Broadway Across America Jim Sheeley.

According to Sheeley, the “Wicked” production appeals to a wide variety of audiences.

“(‘Wicked’) is one of the most popular Broadway shows touring today,” Sheeley said. “It’s a well-known story, the premise is well-known and everybody likes how it relates to ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ It has a broad appeal.”

Sophomore Emma Yarger, who has seen “Wicked” twice, said she attended the show at theaters both in and outside of Minnesota.

“One time I went to New York (to see ‘Wicked’) and that was an amazing experience,” Yarger said. “Then when it came (to Minneapolis), we were like ‘we have to catch it again.’”

Yarger said the show’s musical numbers exceeded her expectations.

“The songs are all just really amazing. They’re all really catchy but still quality songs,” Yarger said. “My favorite part about theater is the music and everything, so there’s some really powerful ballads but there’s some really fun songs (as well).”

Sheeley said the dramatic performance compels viewers to attend the show more than once.

“(‘Wicked’) has good music and it’s a big spectacular production, and all of those things together make it really easy to like,” Sheeley said. “People often go back and see it a second and a third time.”

According to Yarger, the play’s renowned performance proves to be worth the price.

“I think (‘Wicked’ is) kind of an introduction to theater (because) it’s one of the shows that a lot more people have heard about,” Yarger said. “If you get a chance to see it, I would definitely recommend it, even though it does get expensive.”

According to Sheeley, the box office typically sells a handful of discounted tickets to those who arrive at the theater prior to the start of the show.

“If people come down two hours before (the show) and enter into the lottery (at the box office), there is a drawing and they give away probably 20 or 25 tickets,” Sheeley said. “That will get (formally) announced probably in a week or two.”

Sheeley said the Orpheum welcomes the lengthy “Wicked” Minneapolis tour.

“We’re always really happy that it comes. It’s going to be here for five weeks, which is really nice for the company,” Sheeley said. “Most of the Broadway shows come for a week, so to have a show for five weeks is a great opportunity for anybody who wants to get here.”

“Wicked” is showing at the Orpheum Theatre April 12 through May 14. For more information, visit hennepintheatretrust.org.