Punch Bowl Social offers a different night out

New bar opens up at West End

Sydney Hall

According to national beverage director Patrick Williams, Punch Bowl Social, a new restaurant and bar in St. Louis Park, features many new activities, as well as various foods and drinks.

“It’s a place with a lot of options. It’s a great place to do stuff as a group,” Williams said. “From private karaoke rooms to foosball to bocce ball, it’s a really social, high energy environment.”

The new bar features such elements as vintage arcade games, bowling lanes, private karaoke rooms and billiards tables, according to Williams.

“We have bowling lanes. We’re a large venue with multiple bars. We have a diner,” Williams said.

Freshman Sam Sietsema said although he does not enjoy bowling, he would check out the other aspects of the venue.

“I don’t like bowling but karaoke would be fun,” Sietsema said. “The arcade games sound pretty fun too.”

According to Williams, although Punch Bowl Social is a bar, non-alcoholic drinks are offered to accommodate guests under 21.

“As national beverage director, it’s my job to make sure we have drinks for every guest,” Williams said. “My favorite (non-alcoholic) drink is the Almond Joy milkshake.”

Williams said the venue is a great place for large groups and teams to bond.

“It’s a great place for people to have birthday parties,” Williams said. “We see a lot of teams have gatherings here too.”

Punch Bowl Social is located on Park Place Blvd in the West End area in St. Louis Park.