Kiran Alwy competes on Chopped Jr.

The 7th grader started cooking at 8, picked up skills quickly.


Lilly Strathman

7th grader Kiran Alwy cooks curry for dinner Nov. 18. She will be showcasing her cooking skills her dad taught her on Chopped Jr., which started airing Nov. 19

Harris Keekley

What did you do to prepare for the competition?

“My dad talked to a lot of award-winning chefs and they gave me some tips and then the producers of the show sent a lot of stuff that they wanted (me) to practice and then I just watched Youtube videos.”

What are some of your favorite dishes to cook and why?

“I love to make lemon bars, I like to make a ton of cookies, I like to make fish (…) I’m pescatarian on weekdays so I make a lot of fish.”

When did you hear you were going on the show?

“I heard I was going to be on the show in late June, like the last week of June.”

What can you tell us about the show?

“The show itself was great, the people doing the interviews and the people at the show were really nice and sweet, they had everything minute by minute perfect.”

How was the overall experience?

“It was pretty awesome. All the producers were super nice and were child-friendly and the other kids were super nice and it didn’t feel very competitive. It was obviously competitive, but when we were just hanging out it didn’t feel like we hated each other.”

What did you do to get on the show?

“I’ve been cooking since I was eight, so a lot of it is just experience and to get on the show I applied on a whim online apparently they liked my applications so I did a bunch of other interviews and then they told me I was on the show and so they flew me out to New York.”