Science Olympiad captain enjoys leading club

Senior Freja Olsen reflects on position in Science Olympiad


What is your role as captain of Science Olympiad?

As captain of Science Olympiad, I generally make sure that the members know what the specific event requires of them and to check in to ensure that (members) have what they need. I also try to include all of the members so we feel like a team because that is much more fun than just being individuals doing science.

Are there any other captains?

Aaron Councilman is the other captain.

How long have you been involved in Science Olympiad?

This is my fifth year on a Science Olympiad team. I started on the middle school team in 8th grade.

What are your goals for the year?

My goal for this year is for us to make it to the state competition, or at least giving it our best effort.

What is your favorite thing about Science Olympiad?

My favorite part of Science Olympiad is probably the competition. We spend all day showing what we have done all year and when we don’t have an event we sit around and play tabletop games.

What have you learned since joining?

Since joining, I have learned the importance of finding a group of people who have similar interests to you because they will get all the niche jokes and they are people you can rely on to accept you as a person.