Girls’ swim break new records at first Sections

Team practices to prepare for next meet


Anna Benishek

Junior Esther Putzier swims the 100 yard butterfly for Park's first Section meet Nov. 6. The second Section meet will be 6 p.m. Nov. 8. at Richfield Middle School.

Tamar Gewirtz

According to St. Louis Park girls’ swim team coach Amanda Forsberg, she is hoping to bring people to the State meet on Nov. 8 and has faith the girls qualify for State due to how well they did in the Section meet. 

“We had two team records. The 500 free, Elie Grassley got the team record and the 100 fly, Franny Bevell got the team record,” Foresberg said.

Junior Elie Grassley said she believed the meet went well and she was proud of how the team did.

“(The meet) went really well, there were a lot of personal bests. Franny and I both got team records and went under the state cut which we both have to do again on Friday (Nov. 8), but I think we can do it,” Grassley said.

Junior Maddie Doherty said she was excited to watch her teammates’ exemplary performances.

“I’m proud of how everyone did, I love all of those girls, so to see them all this happy and see how well they swam, is really cool,” Doherty said.

According to Forsberg, the team has been practicing a lot for this Sections meet to make it to State.

“We’ve been doing tapering, we did mental prep and some visualization. (Before the meet we were) just trying to rest,” Forsberg said.

Doherty said the team worked very hard, which ultimately paid off.

“We have practice Monday through Saturday and we work really hard and we put in a lot of time and we try our best at practice,” Doherty said.

According to Grassley, she was proud to watch her teammates do well during a difficult Section meet.  

“(I was inspired by) everyone dropping time, it made me feel really happy for everyone and it made me feel like I can do this,” Grassley said.

Doherty said being surrounded by everyone’s positivity and the team helped her perform her best.

“I like the team dynamic and environment, everyone was really positive and super happy and excited. Everyone was smiling and having a lot of fun,” Doherty said.

According to, the next meet will take place at 6 p.m. Nov. 8 at Richfield Middle School.