Orioles’ season lacks spark

Football team looks to improve defense next year


Mira Swartz

Varsity football team huddles together to decide the next play at the homecoming football game.

Ethan Brown

As senior captain Kyle Redelsheimer looks back on his last high school football season, he said defensive strength could’ve been the key to extending their season.

“I hope it’s not my last game,” Redelsheimer said. “I’m going to be as focused as I can going into the game.”

Redelsheimer said he realizes the defense lacked throughout the season, but said there was a lot of potential.

“We were really inconsistent as a defense this year,” Redelsheimer said. “But I think when we do our jobs, we played strong football.”

Defensive coordinator Jason Foster said he pressured defense to make fundamentally strong plays throughout the season.

“The biggest issue we had this season on defense was tackling,” Foster said. “We had many chances to secure tackles and were unable to.”

Junior Issiah Amla said the football team’s record this year was a disappointment after last year’s 5-5 season.

“I think they had a major drop off from their last season,” Amla said. “Their offensive line wasn’t able to keep the quarterback clean, and their running wasn’t like last year’s.”

Amla said the defense, in the games he attended, didn’t look as polished as they had in the previous season.

“The defense didn’t tackle very well in the games I went to,” said Amla. “They couldn’t get any pressure on the other team’s quarterback and they weren’t able to contain the opposing offenses.”

The Orioles wrapped up their season with a 33-7 loss against Irondale and a record of 1-9.