Girls’ tennis selects new captains

Tennis team prepares for next season with new leadership


Used with written permission from Racquel Fhima

Junior Sidney Hosfield, sophomore Racquel Fhima and Junior Susi Hu at the tennis banquet Oct. 25. The three players received flowers after they were notified that they were chosen as captains for the 2018 season.

Eli Curran-Moore and Anna duSaire

As sophomore Racquel Fhima looks forward to being one of three captains for next years tennis season, she said each of the captains contribute something different to the team. During the end of season banquet Racquel Fhima, junior Susi Hu and junior Sydney Hosfield were selected to be captains for the 2018- 2019 tennis season.

“Susi will help us a lot to bring our spirit up and Sydney will help keep us focused so I think it’s a pretty good balance between all of us,” Fhima said.

Hu said she is thrilled to take on the leadership that being a captain entails.

“I feel honored to be selected because I think it is a big responsibility to be a captain since there are so many duties to perform, and I am happy that people chose me to help organize the team,” Hu said. 

Fhima said she aims to work hard with the team to improve their game, while also maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere.

“One big goal is just to have fun in everything we do, and always improve of course,” Fhima said. 

Hu said she hopes to see the team as a whole for a stronger bond with one another, and achieve goals they set throughout the season.

“My duties for captain, are to help unite the team and make sure all the teams know each other and are friendly and no to exclude everybody,” Hu said. To keep the team on track and have goals and to accomplish something.”

Personally, Hu hopes to become a highly ranked and more competitive player on the team, even if it means taking time off of other sports and activities she has been involved with in past years.

“I’m looking forward to playing at a higher level, this year I played four singles, and next year I’m looking to play second singles which would be a whole different step for me,” Hu said. “The reason I decided to quit nordic was just the passion I have for tennis, I enjoy it a lot more than skiing even though I love skiing, and tennis is just a lot different, which I enjoy,”

According to Fhima, what brings her back to the sport each year is the competitive aspect of the sport.

“My favorite thing about tennis is the competitiveness, I love being competitive with everybody around me,” Fhima said. “I like having another person to push myself to do better against, and succeed in everything that I can.”

Head Coach David Breitenbucher said he values the captain’s commitment and will have the team look to them for direction as soon as the year begins.

“I always appreciate strong leadership skills and when girls really put a lot of time in during offseason tennis just to get better,” Breitenbucher said. “As soon as next year rolls around moving forward we’ll sit down and talk to all the captains as what we would like to see them do as leaders of the program.”