Volleyball prepares for sections

Varsity team gets ready to face tough opposition


Ruthie Posada

Players get into formation for the next play against Benilde Oct. 16, Park beat Benilde 3-0. The first section game will be at 7 p.m., Oct. 25 at Bloomington Jefferson.

Dahlia Krebs

Looking forward to sections, senior Maddy McIntosh, who is a captain, said the team has to work on maintaining their focus even after they get scored on.

“I feel like sometimes we get in a rut like they score on us a couple times in a row and we just have to find a way to stop that right away,” McIntosh said.

According to MN Volleyball Hub, the teams current record is 18-10.

Coach Whitney Meierotto-Simon said the growing confidence of the team will help them win.

“I feel like they’ve been getting more confident in themselves and so they’re able to come up with the bigger plays when the game gets a little tighter,” Meierotto-Simon said.

For sections, the team has to focus on becoming as good as they can get, said junior Makaila Winard.

“I think since we don’t know who we’re going to be playing in advance by a lot we just have to really focus on what we’re doing and get really good at our stuff,” Winward said.

Meierotto-Simon said she learned from the season that as long as the team believes in themselves, they can win.

“I feel like as long as we play with confidence, as long as we play aggressive, as long as they stick together, I feel like they can beat anybody,” Meierotto-Simon said.

According to Meierotto-Simon, the team still has things to practice and fix before sections.

“We need to fine tune a lot of things. Obviously they can always get better and even if they have a perfect game we’re always going to find little small things that they can get better at so just really controlling the ball,” Meierotto-Simon said. “We need to eliminate some of our serve errors and just play a little bit better defense so all things we’ll be working on in practice.”

The next section game is 7 p.m. Oct. 25 at Bloomington Jefferson, according to slpvolleyball.com.