Volleyball beats Jefferson in section quarter finals

Parks advances to the next round of sections from strong post-season play


Rachel Salzer

Senior Maddy McIntosh passes the ball to a teammate during the second round of sections against Jefferson Oct. 25. Park will play Edina Oct. 30 in the section semi finals.

Rachel Salzer

Coming into this week’s section quarter finals match, head coach Whitney Meierotto-Simon said she was excited to compete against a high level team.

“I was really excited to see the match up. I know we’re playing much better volleyball than the first time we saw them earlier this season,” Meierotto-Simon said. “I was really excited, Jefferson is always a phenomenal opponent.”

Junior Addie Warg said the team took what they worked on in practice to the match tonight.

I think we played amazing, we really worked hard and we really implemented everything from practice into our games and it just worked out so well for us,” Warg said.

According to sophomore Annie Holden, something that helped the team tonight was focusing on themselves instead of the other team.

“Not getting down on our self when we make mistakes and then really focusing on our side and what were doing and not focusing on what they’re doing to us,” Holden said.

Warg said that aiming at different spots helped to gain points for Park.

I think our hitting was really well, we definitely changed up the spots that we were hitting at so they were caught off-guard,” Warg said.

According to Meierotto-Simon having energy from everyone on the team makes a big difference.

“I think our energy and effort was phenomenal. I think we played together as a team. We’re just so strong when we can use everybody and when we have energy from everybody,” Meierotto-Simon said. “I just think we played really well as a team tonight.”

Holden said she thought the game went very well because of the team’s hard work.

“We really played hard and when coming into the game we weren’t expecting to win in three but we just pushed really hard and we beat them in four,” Holden said.

Meierotto-Simon said to prepare for the next match the team will continue to work on the same skills.

“We’re going to continue to keep working on the things that we’ve been working on,” Meierotto-Simon said. “Which is controlling the ball, serving aggressive and the just trying to get all of our hitters involved.”

According to mshsl.org, Park will compete against Edina in the semi finals at 7 p.m.

Oct. 30 at Edina High School.