Volleyball captain commits to University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Maddy McIntosh to play in Division II


Ruthie Posada

Senior Maddy McIntosh serves the ball to the opposing team during the match against Bloomington Kennedy Oct. 10. McIntosh committed to play volleyball at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs in fall of 2019.

Dahlia Krebs and Ruthie Posada

When she visited the University of Colorado Colorado Springs campus last spring break, senior Maddy McIntosh said she knew it was perfect for her.

“I took a last minute trip with my mom to visit my cousins and I just fell in love with Colorado as a state,” McIntosh said. “I visited the campus and the feel and the view, it was just everything I was looking for.”

McIntosh said she committed to play Division II volleyball at University of Colorado Colorado Springs because she enjoyed the summer volleyball camp she participated in.

“I went back in the summer and did a camp with the team. I really liked the coaches and I really liked the girls that were already going to school there, it just felt like a really good fit for me,“ McIntosh said.

Head coach Whitney Meierotto-Simon said she believes that Colorado will be great for her.

“It’s been really exciting to see her exploring colleges and I think Colorado is going to be a great fit for her,” Meierotto-Simon said. “She loves the state. I know the school does really well, it’s a high level Division II program. I’m just over the moon excited for her, she’s going to do amazing.”

According to McIntosh, being able to play volleyball year round in an environment that promotes playing in college allowed her to believe she could achieve her goal of participating in college sports.

“It has always been a goal for me. I pretty much play volleyball all year round and club volleyball is pretty much to prepare you for college,” McIntosh said.

McIntosh said the competitive nature of Park’s conference, paired with Meierotto-Simon’s coaching, helped her improve.

“We have always had a really competitive team. We are in a super competitive conference, so playing against really good teams definitely helps you grow as a player,” McIntosh said. “I’ve had the past four years with our coach Whitney and I’ve had super good coaching. She has definitely helped me improve as much as I can.”

Meierotto-Simon said it has been wonderful to watch McIntosh grow over the years.

“I’m so excited for her. I’ve been coaching Maddy since she’s been in 8th grade so I’ve been able to watch her grow these last five years and she has just turned into a phenomenal volleyball player,” Meierotto-Simon said.

McIntosh said she looks up to Meierotto-Simon, and hopes she can have the same success her coach did.

“I definitely look up to my coach Whitney because she played Division II volleyball and I will be doing the same,” McIntosh said. “She is just a really good role model, she worked super hard in college and was an amazing player and I would like to do the same.”

Since she has been at Park for so long, McIntosh said she is excited to meet her new teammates.

“I’ve been at St. Louis Park for seven years. It will be fun to meet new people and have new coaches and a new team,” McIntosh said.