Girls’ swim sends qualifying members to State

Team proud of successful season


Anna Benishek

Sophomore Tenzin Dedhen swims the 100 yard butterfly at the second Section swim meet Nov. 8. The State finals will be at 12 p.m. Nov. 15-16 at Jean K. Freeman Aquatic Center at the University of Minnesota

Anna Benishek

Park qualified for four events for the State final swim meet Nov. 8 at Richfield Middle School during Section finals.

According to coach Amanda Forsberg, she’s proud of the team and the girls that qualified for State.

“I’m excited, we have a couple kids that have never been (to State) so I’m really excited for them,” Forsberg said. “We’re in a couple of new events this year, we haven’t been in the 500 relay in a while or the 100 fly for a while so I’m excited. It should be a good time.”

Senior and captain Franny Bevell said she’s thrilled to be eligible to compete in the State swim meet and is eager to compete in her first individual event.

“I’m super excited, I think the team really came together on all the relays which is super fun,” Bevell said. “We have people going in individual events that have never gone in individual events, like me, which is super fun and exciting.”

According to senior captain Hattie Kugler, she’s passionate about going to State with the girls who qualified because it’s fun going with the team. 

“I don’t want to be done,” Kugler said. “I want to go on to State and I want to do more. I want to be with my team for longer.”

Bevell said she wants to boost the team’s attitude going into State in order to help the team stay focused through the excitement of State.

“Going into State, from last year, I would like to improve our mentality because a lot of the time we get excited that were going to State,” Bevell said. “Once we’re there we kind of forget what our goals are.”

Kugler said she appreciates her teammates support during the two day Section meet.

“I’m proud of all the girls on the team because I know it’s really hard to do a two day meet and have practice in between,” Kugler said. “Some girls can get less motivated in between knowing that they have to do it again. But everyone really stuck through it and it was really great. I guess I’m just proud of the girls.”

Park will compete at the State finals 12 p.m. Nov. 15-16 at Jean K. Freeman Aquatic Center at the University of Minnesota, according to the Minnesota State High School League.