Debate team plans to launch speech team

New club focuses on public speaking


Hanna Schechter

Members of Debate team meet after school to discuss a previous weekends tournament. Junior Benjamin Dodge placed second in that tournament. The debate team is working to help launch the speech team.

Debate team adviser Peter Redmond hopes to bring the speech team back to Park after several years.

“I miss the fact that we don’t have one (because) we haven’t had a competitive speech team for about six or seven years,” Redmond said. “I’m glad Mr. Meyers is going to help us attempt to bring it back.”

Redmond said he thinks the speech team will help students with basic public speaking abilities debate doesn’t cover.

“There are approximately ten to twelve different life skills associated with speech and these are skills that students will take through adulthood,” Redmond said. “Some examples of them are organization, competition, creativity, research and poise.”

Junior Ben Dodge, a member of the debate team, said speech focuses on both similar and different aspects than debate.

“They’re both similar in a lot of ways, in speech it really matters how you present your case,” Dodge said.“(However), debate is based on how you argue (your topic).”

According to Redmond, the speech team will help students become more creative.

“It’s another chance to continue (having) fun, continue their competitive nature and continue (learning) things,” Redmond said. “Kids can write their own original speeches, (and) use humor.”

Dodge recommends students  join the speech team because it helps build confidence for public speaking.

“Speech should be for anyone interested in public speaking, it really focuses on getting over the fear of speaking in front of a group of people and it develops research skills,” Dodge said.